Our Accessories

Price List

We usually carry stock of all the accessories below in our Clinic, but we ask that you contact us before coming into the clinic to buy them.


for all hearing aids
€3per pack
€25 for a box of 10 packs

Thin Tubes

for all hearing aids
€5per tube
€15 per pack

Wax Guards / Filters

for all hearing aids
€5 per pack


for all hearing aids
€45 each


€8 per pack of 10

Alcohol Wipes

€10 per pack of 100

Electric Dry Box

for all hearing aids
€85 each

Facemask Ear Saver Clip

to keep the mask away from the ears
€1 each

Battery Doors

€5 each
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COVID-19 precautions

In these times we are naturally taking all precautions to keep you safe. That’s why we clean our waiting area, reception area, and clinic spaces down after each appointment. Before entering our clinic we will take your temperature to ensure you don’t have a fever which is one of the symptoms of Covid-19. Likewise, to best help prevent the spread of this disease, we urge you to please contact our clinic prior to any appointments if you believe you are exhibiting symptoms. Common symptoms of this virus may include fever, cough, and shortness of breath.

If you have to travel across provincial borders during the restrictions

Through this time we have seen restrictions in relation to people being allowed to travel across their municipalities/provinces. Due to the clinical nature of our business, you are permitted to travel to us, even whilst restrictions are in place. If you need to travel across borders, please contact us in advance and we can send you an official appointment confirmation via text / WhatsApp / Email which you can show the authorities if you are stopped.