Our Patient Journey

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Our Patient Journey
Hearing Test
Fitting Day
1st Follow Up
2nd Follow Up
6 Month Follow up

Our Patient Journey

In lots more detail...

Book your appointment with us

Contact us today to book your appointment with us. You can call, message, or email to book your 1-hour free hearing test. We’ll ask you to confirm your name, date of birth, and the best number to call you on so we can prepare your file. We’ll ask you for some more details (like your address) when you’re at the clinic.

The day of the hearing test

On the day of your hearing test, you will be asked to take a seat in our reception area. Our friendly Clinic Assistant will ask you for a few more details to ensure we have all the right contact information for you. We’ll also ask you to sign the Data Consent form. That allows us to keep your details safely on our system.

Once this has been completed, the Audiologist will welcome you into the clinic. Here you’ll have a chance to discuss why you think you need a hearing test, your hearing, and medical history, and what you would like from the appointment and your new hearing aids. The Audiologist will then look in your ears (otoscopy) to determine your ear health and may take your ear pressure if appropriate.

Then it’s time to start the hearing test. The Audiologist will explain step by step what you need to do and you will be asked to take a seat in our hearing booth. The booth reduces noise from the outside that can hinder your results. During the hearing test you will be presented with a set of sounds through a headset (from low pitched to high pitched). Whenever you hear a sound you can indicate that you’ve heard the sound by pressing a button. The Audiologist will present each sound a few times to be absolutely sure whether you could or couldn’t hear it.

Once the hearing test is done, your results will be presented on a screen and the Audiologist will discuss with you your level of hearing loss (if any) and how and where this is likely to impact you. The Audiologist will then discuss the option of hearing aids with you. Hearing aids will never be recommended if we don’t believe you will benefit from them! If we believe we can help you, we will make a recommendation on the type of hearing aids you might need. We have a wide range of top-quality hearing aids available that complement your lifestyle and day-to-day needs. Have a look here if you’d like to take a peek in advance!

If you’d like to go ahead, we’ll order your hearing aids from our world-class manufacturers. You don’t need to pay us a deposit (unless you wish to do so). At the end of your appointment we will book you in for your Fitting Appointment, usually 2 weeks later and we’ll also book you in for your 1st Follow Up, around 2 weeks from when you’ve had your hearing aids fitted.

The hearing aid fitting day

The big day! On the day of your hearing aid fitting, the audiologist will place the hearing aids in your ears and programme them up to about 80% of your prescribed volume. This will allow you to get used to all the new sound input around you over the next couple of weeks. The audiologist will also talk to you about how to care for your hearing aids and everything you can expect until your next appointment. You will be asked to pay for your hearing aids at the end of this consultation. You may pay by debit / credit card, cash or by bank transfer.

Your first follow up

Once you’ve worn your new hearing aids for 2 weeks, it’s time to see you again and talk to you about what’s worked and could be better. It is normal for the hearing aids to be set to about 80% of the prescribed volume during the fitting appointment so that your brain can get used to all the new input, so you might find that you want some more volume. That’s expected and normal! The audiologist will make all the required changes to your hearing aids during this consultation and provide any more advice on your hearing aid’s functionality and recap cleaning / care instructions.

Your second follow up

Now that you’ve had your hearing aids for 4 weeks you will have become used to wearing them. During this appointment you’ll be able to fine-tune anything further with the audiologist if required and ask any questions you might have. Most of our clients are so happy at this point that we don’t see them for quite some time! However, if you feel you need further support then we will not hesitate to book a further consultation with you for another follow up.

Awesome After Care

Your 6-monthly check ups

Once your last follow up is completed, we will book you in for a 6-month check up, just to make sure all is going well. And we’ll keep seeing you every 6-months until the warranty on your hearing aids is up. Of course, you don’t need to wait 6-months to come and see us if you have any trouble at all before this time. You’re covered for any adjustment and service appointments for 2 years under your warranty with us.

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