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When you buy hearing aids from us, you receive a 3-year warranty on your hearing aids (see full details and exclusions here). In this time you may need to use our Service & Repairs Clinic.

But also after your warranty is up, you never have to go it alone if something goes wrong with your hearing aids. Whether something is broken, everything is sounding a little faint or you would simply like your hearing aids cleaned to a professional standard, get in touch and we will support you in deciding what service you need from us next. Click here for a Service & Repairs Price List 

How does it work?

Did you know that 9 out of 10 times, reported problems with hearing aids sounding faint or not working at all is related to blocked wax filters? Earwax blocking the aids can be pesky but is often easy to sort out. Therefore, before you get in touch we recommend that you change the wax filter and, if applicable, the batteries and domes of your hearing aids to see if it solves the issue. 

If you’ve done this and you’ve had no success please get in touch with us. Our Clinic Assistants will talk about the issues you’re experiencing and through a process of elimination, we will get to the bottom of the issue! 

That’s why, before we make an appointment for you with the audiologist to “turn up the volume”, we will first always rule out that the hearing aids aren’t in need of a clean, broken or that earwax in your ears is causing the issues you’re experiencing

Attending the Repairs Clinic

What to expect...

The Clinic Assistant will follow these steps:

Your ears are clear through otoscopy (looking in the ear); if your ears are full of wax, your hearing aids may feel like they’re not working but the problem is that sound cannot travel to your eardrum. If this is the case we will discuss next steps with you to resolve the issue. 

The microphones and receiver (wire that connects the dome to the hearing aid) are free of wax/debris. Unsurprisingly, wax and debris can settle anywhere on and in your hearing aid. If the microphones or areas under the wax guards are blocked you might find that everything sounds faint. Our special hearing aid hoover can get to these tiny places with ease, allowing the sound to amplify out of your hearing aid much better again. 

The receiver is intact and not (partially) broken. If it is broken we can often fit a replacement during the appointment. If not in stock, we will order the part and make a further appointment to replace the part on your hearing aid as soon as possible. If you are outside warranty, any parts that need to be replaced will be chargeable and we will discuss the costs with you upfront. 

Relevant advice

In the majority of cases, the above steps identify the problem and allow us to provide the relevant advice or repair to have you and your hearing aids back up and running in no time. But if we couldn’t fix the issue….

Electronic issues

Unfortunately, some hearing aids may develop electronic issues over time causing the hearing aid to stop working. The electronics inside the housing of your hearing aids cannot be repaired in our clinic. If after the aforementioned steps the hearing aids aren’t working they may have to be sent for repair. Associated costs for this will be discussed with you when you attend the clinic if you are outside of warranty.


If the hearing aids are working as expected following the Clinic Assistant’s review (there was no problem with the aids or your ears) then we will book you in with the Audiologist to determine the cause of your reported issues and the next steps will be agreed upon there and then.

Repairs process in a nutshell

Repairs process in a nutshell

Pricing for Services and Repairs

(outside the 2-year warranty)

Repairs Clinic with Clinic Assistant


30 mins, appointment includes:

Please note that replacement parts such as receivers and battery doors will be charged additionally

Hearing Aid Adjustment Clinic with Audiologist


30 mins, appointment includes:

Please note that replacement parts such as receivers and battery doors will be charged additionally

Manufacturer Repair

(if we are unable to repair the hearing aid in-house)


Please note that a cracked/broken hearing aid shell may cause additional charges. We will always discuss any repair charges with you upfront


(custom hearing aids only)


We will always discuss any repair charges with you upfront

Click the button below to see our list of accessories such as batteries, domes, mask clips, and wax guards which are available to purchase at our clinic.

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